There are times when large marine vessels must be moved to dry dock, whether for hull construction or hull repair. The shape and the weight of most vessels make it difficult to move on dry land.

Apex & Pro-Tech can help! Our experience in moving 2,000 ton ferry hulls out of dry dock and into the water, as well as removing and placing large vessels on to dry dock, makes us an invaluable team to work with in the marine industry.

We rise to the occasion. Call us today for a quote for your project.


Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector is on the rise and growing more popular every day.  Seeking new ways of providing energy requires innovation and perseverance.  At Apex and Pro-Tech, we have the skills to meet the demands of renewable energy contractors.

A major issue faced by the renewable energy sector is the safe storage, transportation, and placement of large and delicate equipment.  When constructing and erecting a hydro-electric project, heavy and awkward equipment often needs to be delivered into very remote locations, and placed into extremely small buildings.


Transportation is a key part of many projects. Getting material to site at the right time, and without damage is often critical to a project’s success. Transportation is a major part of our business, and has been for many years.

Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage production industry is the largest manufacturing industry in Canada, in terms of its value of production with shipments.  Also acting as the largest manufacturing employer, specifically in rural areas across Canada, the industry provides employment for 290,000 Canadians.  In terms of retail, the industry supplies approximately 75% of all processed food and beverage products available in Canada.  To say that it is invaluable to the Canadian economy is an understatement. 

Art and Specialty Items

Moving art and speciality items requires extreme consideration and great care.  Experience and expertise is invaluable, especially when considering moving something you would describe as priceless.

Our fine-tuned process involves assessing the needs of the specialty item, assembling the right group of movers and technicians, strategizing the ideal route, applying for proper permits, and then going about the job safely and professionally. 

David Stroud

Once an owner in the company, David brings 38 years of experience in estimating and project management to the Apex team. With a passion for overcoming industrial moving challenges, he has been a part of numerous projects requiring outside-of-the-box thinking. When not at home with family, he can be found mentoring others, or building baptismal boxes for the Good Shepherd Lutheran church.

Chuck Sorensen

With over 30 years of heavy haul transport experience, first with Triton Transport and now with Apex, Chuck brings knowledge and expertise to the Apex team. In an organized and knowledgeable way, Chuck gets equipment from A to B safely. When not with his family, you can find Chuck ATVing in the local mountains. 

John Brise

With over 10 years at Apex, John loves the challenge of problem solving. As a professional engineer, he knows how to find the safe and efficient solution to any issue that arises. As a proud father to twin girls, John is using his problem-solving skills at home too!

Gary Klynsoon

With over 25 years of industry related experience, Gary cares for the details and project management at Apex. An approachable team member, he loves to find innovative, outside-of-the-box solutions for our clients. When not in the office, or at home with the family, Gary can be found on the river searching for the ever-elusive 12’ sturgeon.


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